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Four years ago I was looking for a sound investment that would provide a favorable return on investment. My banker recommended that I meet with Glen Mills at MyNextHome. I was impressed with his plan to acquire depressed properties, renovate them, rent to professions and then manage and maintain them. As an investor, it is my option to be as involved as I want to be. After having success in my first rental, I have since invested in three additional properties for a total of eight rental units. MyNextHome has kept them fully occupied with quality tenants. The units being well kept and well managed demand premium rates and have consistently had a 100% occupancy rate.
Over the past three years I have witnessed Glen Mills expand from having an "office" at Panera Breads to growing into a full service operation with over twenty employees. All of his employees are have integrity and excellent professional skills. Rather than receiving my monthly rental check by mail, I much prefer to stop in and interact with the staff. I totally trust his maintenance staff to address any issues with my best interests in mind. The property manager and staff seem to maintain an excellent working relationship with tenants. I can go on extended vacations knowing that my properties will be well managed.
As a conservative investor, it has been an excellent choice to partner with MyNextHome. Glen has presented investment options and has always delivered results as expected. I have achieved an overall return on my investments in the 8% range. Along with that return, the properties are also appreciating in value. I am very comfortable with the long term prospects of owning rental properties as the demand for them seems to be constant increasing. I would fully recommend MyNextHome as an option for any long term investor.
- Don H
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