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Personalized Investment Options

At MyNextHome, we believe in what we recommend. Our company and many of our employees own substantial holdings in real estate in a variety of structures. We believe that one solution doesn’t always fit into the unique goals and objectives of each individual or institution. For that reason, we offer three different vehicles that utilize real estate as the underlying asset.

Rate of Return

Some investors don’t care to physically own real estate but like the idea of their money being backed by a tangible asset. With interest rates at record lows, we have the capability to utilize your capital to make a sound investment in real estate and pay a competitive rate of return on your money.

Tangible Ownership

For those that like the idea of having tangible ownership of real estate, we will work with you to build a portfolio that meets your investment objectives. Over the years, we’ve built a portfolio of cash flowing real estate and have partnered or advised many clients throughout the process. Our unique ability to find and acquire properties initially and manage them on the back-end, gives you the best product coupled with the best service in the industry.

Real Estate Development Fund

For institutions and accredited investors, we have the ability and experience to create a real estate development fund that pools resources together to fund larger, more complex projects.

Build your financial future.

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