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Why Invest?

Real estate is a tangible and typically long-term investment vehicle. For the investor that is early in their investing lives, real estate can act as a long-term source of growing their net worth as well as creating a source of passive income. Though getting starting in real estate investing can be a time consuming process, the rewards of a long-term, disciplined investing approach provides younger investors ample time to grow their portfolio. For individuals that are later in their investing lives, an investment in real estate is a great way to diversify an already existing portfolio by providing potential tax incentives, hedge of inflation, and a diminished violability from traditional investment vehicles. In addition, real estate can provide a long-term retirement solution to creating passive income to fund retirement income needs.

At MyNextHome, we are proud of the investments we’ve made and that our clients have made in the communities we live and work in. Instead of sending our hard earned savings to a stranger in New York City, we believe that beautifying our communities and providing higher quality places for people to live and work just plain feels better. If you agree, call us to talk more and let us learn and assist you in accomplishing your investing goals.

Return On Investment

Return On Investment

We're ready to help you make the most out of your financial planning goals through investment in real estate.

Personalized Investment Options

Personalized Investment Options

We understand that our clients desire more than one option when it comes to investing in real estate.

Why Choose MyNextHome?

Why MyNextHome?

Tackling the world of real estate investing has never been easier than with the help of MyNextHome. Our dedicated professionals have years of knowledge and experience to grow and maximize your real estate portfolio.

MyNextHome welcomed me to Eau Claire when I moved here in late 2012. I stayed with them for over 2 years for a reason. They are the best people in the business. James and the rest of the team work to make sure they deliver on their promise: QUALITY spaces for quality tenants, period. - Andy S., Eau Claire, WI
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